Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Economist | Migration:

The Economist
Really interesting book on migration & how migration is really the key to huge economic growth.

Am interested to see if the book looks at the social impact on the societies left behind (like Ireland in the 50s, & 80s).  And whether it addresses the issue of envornmental ompact, if any.

Few things will affect our future more than migration. A new book provides one of the best analyses of its costs and benefits

WHEN a Bangladeshi man goes to work on a construction site in the Middle East, his wife typically moves in with her husband's family. Not all wives enjoy this. They sweat in a strange kitchen, take care of a bossy mother-in-law and see their husbands only for a few weeks each year. And although their husbands send home plenty of money, they often send it to their parents, not their wives. Migration creates losers as well as winners.


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