Saturday, March 12, 2011

Italy & italian

Fast cars to Latin lovers: Italy's top 15 cultural exports - Europe, World - The Independent

Let me list the worst 10

1. giving children - especially male ones -the impression that they are the centre of the universe

2. treating football as if it is more important than world peace

3. treating customers (in shops) as if they were a nuisance

4. treating the environment as if it was a communal refuse heap

5. considering that their need to park far exceeds the convenience of the rest of the population

6. Adoring their cars as if they were temples

7. Thinking that any food which can be described in words lacking an 'o' in the ending is not worthy of consideration

8. Spending more time in front of a mirror, than, say, a book

9. considering that paying tax is a worse than selling your family into slavery

10. only providing services for those who bribe you or can do something for you in return.

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